Have a seat, feel comfty and welcome to this little chat about everything art related. If you miss any question don´t hesitate to write me an e-mail or contact me on my socials.

First of all: how did you create this website?

Once I had a class in university about programming a website. I had no experiences or background knowledge about programming in any way, but I really enjoyed the classes and I decided to dig deeper into this topic. For me this website is a lifelong project and these are my humble beginnings. So please forgive me some flaws and design issues, I am still quite an amateur. I am looking forward to learn and grow and hopefully you can witness my progress on website programming and designing on this page over time.
I almost forgot to mention that you can have a look at my very first website I programmed for my university course - a website about baking with yeast. Sadly the recipes are only in german and the website isn´t even finished but nevertheless here it is: My first website(No guarantee that it looks good on all devices.)

What inspires you?

I think my main sources of inspiration are nature and people. Not only do I love to take a walk outside in the woods, I also have a special obsession with everything under the watersurface. Right now I am an aquarist without an aquarium. Sounds a bit weird but it is a big dream of mine to be an owner of a big aquarium with lots of tiny lively fish and waterplants. In my childhood I had a little aquarium, but right now I just don´t have the time and right surroundings.
I always try to bring a bit of nature into my room by using different houseplants. Surrounded by plants I just feel more inspired to make art.
Last but defenitely not least all the people I love including my family and friends inspire me the most every single day. They encourage me to keep on creating and believing in myself. But also walking around with open eyes and an open heart, celebrating the differences of each and every person, listening and observing are endless sources of inspiration.

What is your favourite medium?

This question is really difficult to answer. Right now I mostly use watercolors and colored pencils, which I am the most experienced with. But experimenting with all different types of media brings me the most joy. Since my childhood I always loved doing all kind of creative activities. Drawing, painting, knitting, origami, wood crafting and other artisanal activities were a big part of my childhood. Thanks a lot to my father, who spent hours with me tackling different crafting projects from assembling furniture to building my own dollhouse from scratch. If I were restricted to one medium, I would get bored and creatively burned out very fast. Therefore I am so thankful to have the opportunity and privilege to try different techniques and materials.