Jessica Ried alias ADIANTUM


portrait of the illustraterHello and welcome to my page. I am an illustrator from Germany and I am currently studying this subject in university (HAW Hamburg). I mostly work with traditional mediums, but I also love to experiment with the versatile possibilities of digital art. Working in mixed Media brings me the most joy as I can combine all the unique particularities of each medium.
Animals, plants and humans are my favourite subjects I like to draw and paint. By depicting them I try to convey emotions, psychological topics or just capture their unique organic shapes in a loose flowy way.
Growing up in a small village in Bavaria, always surrounded by nature has greatly influenced my personality, interests and art style. To recharge my creative energy and to spend time with my family, I will always come back to this special place.

If you have any more questions about my work and life head over to my f.a.q. or reach out to me using my contact details.